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"Big Sister"

Julia Sprengel


Julia is successful entrepreneur since her early 20’s. A Western Australian born and raised woman Julia's family first landed in Fremantle in 1840 from England. After starting her first IT company at age 24, Julia understands that to be enterprising takes courage, self belief and commitment.

For the past 17 years, Julia, has been engaged on large scale IT implementation projects in large corporations and government agencies around Australia and overseas. These projects require gathering and understanding the needs and priorities from varied groups within an organisation. She relies on the collaboration skills and talents of various project team members to provide solutions to complex environments whilst ensuring the project is delivered on time and budget.

Julia is an avid bush traveller and is often on the road with her family and their caravan travelling to discover the beauty of this vast country that doesn't necessarily have an airport nearby.

Julia’s qualities include:

Facilitation and negotiation to resolve complex problems in an inclusive manner.

Highly developed communication skills to be able to present ideas, concepts and solutions from the board room to the bush.

Leadership of teams in a cross cultural environment.

A professional and personal reputation of compassion, integrity and honesty.
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